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DELIGIOS, Green Tea drink, 230gr

DELIGIOS, Green Tea drink, 230gr

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DELIGIOS, Green Tea drink, 230gr

One glass of Green Tea Plus contains:
• GREEN TEA : Rich in polyphenols and more specifically catehines. The EGCG (epigallocatchin gallate) in particular shows impressive weight loss efficacy. Moreover it is associated with anticancer properties and also help the reduction of the coronary.
•Lemon grass : It has a natural pleasant flavor and has documented anticancer properties.
•ORANGE : The value of orange is well known and documented. What is less known is that when Green Tea is combined with orange juice and citrus fruits in general the retention rate of the catechines levels in the human body is multiplied by a factor of 5 (Purdue University USA 2009).
•With antioxidants of the Green Tea Plus.
•With lemon-grass, enhancing taste and health benefits.
•Fruit juice in combination with Green Tea, is multiplying catechine absorption from the body.
• With Fiber.

Green Tea Plus: 2-3 Glasses daily
GREEN TEA PLUS : A magnificent multi-blend


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