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Collagen Power Proactive Liquid Collagen, 500ml Strawberry

Collagen Power Proactive Liquid Collagen, 500ml Strawberry

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Collagen Power Proactive Liquid Collagen, 500ml Strawberry

Naturally helps reverse the signs and effects of ageing
Collagen - Liquid Collagen Supplements from the Proactive Skin Care Product Range

Not all collagen supplements are the same.

Pro Active liquid collagen marks a major breakthrough for collagen supplements – it is the premium, most advanced form of collagen available, providing 20 times more pure collagen than most standard tablet and capsule alternatives.

Our liquid collagen is produced using a unique process, making it purer and more concentrated than the standard form.

Our unique process ensures maximum absorption and uptake of key peptides, rich in essential amino acids.

The UK's Most Successful
Liquid Collagen Supplement

Pro Active packs a powerful 10 000mg of Pure Hydrolysed Collagen in every serving, with added minerals and vitamins, for increased synergistic activity and absorption.

Naturally Puts Back What Time Takes Out

Collagen is the most abundant form of natural protein found in the body. It is the essential structural component of all connective tissue including skin, tendons, muscles and joint cartilage.

It has been shown that your collagen levels diminish at a rate of approximately 1.5% per annum from the age of 25 years onwards.

Recent research suggests that taking collagen can help maintain and support healthy cartilage in joints and help maintain the lubricating fluids inside your joints.

By the age of 40 your collagen levels will have depleted by at least 30%. But all is not lost!

By regularly taking liquid collagen you are effectively replacing the collagen that your body is no longer producing. This can directly help your skin, nails and hair, and may help maintain normal joint mobility.

Liquid Collagen ingested orally not only works all over the body but it is very cost effective and can bring a host of benefits not only to skin but also to other very important parts of the body.

Maximum Strength for Improved Results

Each single serving of Pro Active delivers 10,000mg of Pure Collagen, it's worth remembering that most collagen tablets and capsules contain only 500mg of collagen.

Pro Active Liquid collagen contains up to 20 times more collagen than most other collagen supplements.

This provides you with the confidence that you are obtaining the maximum benefit and maximum value.

While there are no recommendations on the upper limits for the therapeutic intake of collagen hydrolysate, most European and US research studies have used a 10 000mg daily dose.

Similar studies have shown a daily intake of between 7000mg and 10000mg will help to maintain the hydration and elasticity of the skin.

An Easy-to-take and
Highly Effective Liquid Supplement

Our liquid supplements are highly regarded for effectively delivering nutrition in a form that is easy to absorb and fast-acting.

Many people find swallowing large tablets two and three times a day difficult, because Pro Active is a high strength liquid its easy-to-take and you only need one capful per day.

Liquids are absorbed much faster than tablets or capsules therefore improving the effectiveness of the active ingredients. (90% of liquids are absorbed almost immediately).

This offers you greater conveniance, improved absorbency and more effective results.

With most tablets and capsules the body can struggle to break down and absorb the correct levels required to gain any benefit.

Look Good and Feel Good

Collagen makes up 75% of the body’s skin tissue and about 90% of dermal volume.

Skin is much more than beautiful. Skin is amazing. Stop and think about it. The same skin that a baby is born with expands at an incredible rate, providing protection for a lifetime. Although your skin is remarkable, it still gets wrinkled, discoloured, and rough with advancing age.

Pure liquid collagen helps protect, nourish and firm skin and stimulate the skin's natural production of collagen to help create firmer, more even toned, younger looking skin.

Collagen is regularly described as the building blocks of skin. It therefore has a key role to play in creating and maintaining healthy skin all over the body.

Collagen helps keep your skin firm, toned and hydrated. It revitalises tired or mature skin, reduces wrinkles and boosts overall elasticity.

Hair and Nails

Studies have shown that the long-term ingestion of collagen was found to increase the stability and resilience of protein structures. This in turn leads to an improvement in brittle nails and thicker hair.

Protein is responsible for the growth of longer, stronger nails.

Research has shown collagen improves the condition of dry, brittle nails as it thoroughly hydrates the entire nail plate for healthier, more resilient nails.

Similarly, one of the reasons hair becomes thinner and more brittle is the reduction in protein in the hair follicle. By taking liquid collagen you are increasing your protein levels.

Collagen and Joint Health

Collagen is a key protein in joint cartilage, the shiny surface that cushions the ends of our bones so that your joints can move smoothly.

The special characteristic of collagen hydrolysate is its amino acid composition, similar to that of collagen in the cartilage matrix. Collagen hydrolysate may therefore serve as a building block for the regeneration and synthesis of articular cartilage.

Collagen is a key component of tendons and ligaments and may help maintain the health and flexibilty of the joints.

More Than a Protein

Collagen is a triple helix of alpha chains of amino acids, which builds strong fibres used for the body structure. This structural protein, which accounts for more than 25% of the body’s proteins, ensures cohesion, elasticity and regeneration of skin, cartilages and bones.

Pro Active liquid collagen is characterized by a high content in glycine, proline and hydroxyproline, which represent approximately 50% of the total amino acid content.

This very specific composition of amino acids provides hydrolyzed collagen with nutri-functional properties, which cannot be found with other protein sources.

Thanks to a unique molecular structure our “patented” collagen penetrates skin and connective tissue.

Highest Quality

Pro Active liquid collagen is 100% PURE COLLAGEN hydrolysate, manufactured to Pharmaceutical standards, in government-approved facilities that operate to the highest manufacturing standards, again the same as used in research.

Pro Active collagen has been extensively researched and tested with thousands of delighted users.

Pure Natural Liquid Collagen

Liquid collagen is a completely natural way to help replace a vital protein in your body that directly affects the ageing process.

Taking liquid collagen will have different results at different speeds for every individual. If taken regularly most customers see an improvement in a number of different areas after only 12 weeks.

At the very least it will help you to look and feel generally fitter and healthier, but it could do so much more for you…



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