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Firtech SAUNA LIPODIALYSIS ZONE Class A ++ Personal

Firtech SAUNA LIPODIALYSIS ZONE Class A ++ Personal

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Firtech SAUNA LIPODIALYSIS ZONE Class A ++ Personal
A ++ lightweight liposolution sauna by Firtech. A pioneering product for women and men who want to smudge the region of the circumference, belly or buttocks and lose body and fat in a completely natural way.
instructions for use
Apply the special red infrared infrared surface with the ceramic materials at the point where you want to act, turn it on and select the desired temperature with the special controller for you. Soon it will cause hyperaemia and sweating. So you will achieve the spectacular reduction of local fat, the detoxification of the area through sweating and especially cosmetic skin care.
It contains high quality materials that are developed by the company of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. It is designed to absorb sweat, does not cause allergies and irritations and allows the body to breathe freely.
FIRTECH's A ++ liposolution sauna increases temperature due to nanotechnology ceramic materials, resulting in fast lipodialysis and detoxifying the body!
Treat unnecessary fat around the abdomen in a completely natural way.
Between the internal and external hypoallergenic fabric there is a spongy material that not only increases sweating but also absorbs sweat resulting in the body being kept dry and healthy.
- Does not cause allergies and skin problems
- It weakens in a completely natural way
- 3 Different temperature ranges
- Suitable for all sizes
- Guaranteed amazing results
- High quality materials and construction
- Excellent Value - Honor
- Suitable for women and men
Width: 130cm
Height: 45cm
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