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L\'Erbolario Felci Shower Shampoo 250ml

L'Erbolario Felci Shower Shampoo 250ml

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L'Erbolario Felci Shower Shampoo 250ml

Unique, yet twice as inviting and effective: an energising though absolutely gentle cleanser, with a formulation based on Grape-seed Oil which offers emollient virtues that are also very suitable for sensitive skin. Its creamy foam – perfect for either an invigorating morning shower or a replenishing evening shower – contains the fine protective and antioxidant properties of Extracts of Polypody and Maidenhair Fern. With this product your pleasant shower break is combined with washing your hair: hence, this formula is designed to carefully cleanse your hair, leaving it soft and shiny, thanks to the presence of Honey and Quaternised panthenol. Substances which moisturise, condition and add volume to your hair, while enhancing the well-being and structure of every strand. Lastly, this beneficial ritual leaves behind a long-lasting perfumed, aromatic sensation that envelopes your entire body. Take it to the gym, on trips, always keep it in your bathroom, Felci Hair and Body Wash quickly develops a toning foam: just work up a lather using one or two dollops of product in your hands under the shower.

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