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L\'Erbolario Felci Aftershave Fluid 100ml

L'Erbolario Felci Aftershave Fluid 100ml

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L'Erbolario Felci Aftershave Fluid 100ml

Every morning, your skin will soon forget you have shaved, thanks to the freshness of the invigorating fragrance of Ferns, and especially thanks to the plant ingredients of the formulation which help restore your skin’s physiological well-being. After applying the Aftershave Fluid to face and neck, it is a pleasure to discover that any reddening is quickly soothed, through the normalising and moisturising action of Unpasteurised Birch Sap, Pro-vitamin B5 and Alpha Bisabolol. The feeling of softness and comfort comes next, ensured by three ingredients with their elasticising power, i.e. from Blackcurrant, Grape-seed and Wheat germ. An application of vitality that helps preserve the youth of your skin, protecting it from premature ageing: all thanks to Vitamin E from Soybean and the highly effective Extracts of Polypody and Maidenhair Fern, with their recognised antioxidant action. Topping off all this well-being is a strongly aromatic scent, reminiscent of a completely natural re-awakening, in the fresh shade of the woods. Apply by patting it onto your face and neck immediately after shaving: it provides immediate relief which is enhanced by the clean, fresh feeling. The result? Soft, dry, truly restored skin.

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