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Powerpharm PAINGONE PLUS Pen

Powerpharm PAINGONE PLUS Pen

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Powerpharm PAINGONE PLUS Pen

PAINGONE PLUS is a medical device class TWO and is in the form of a pen that produces low frequency transdermal electrical neurostimulation.
It is clinically tested
Simple and quick to use - no medication
It has a high shelf life
It has high manufacturing standards-produced in Italy
With 1.5 million sales worldwide, best seller in the UK, now exclusively in Greece by Powerpharm
instructions for use
We hug the metal surface with the fingers and place the nose (electrode) on the area of ​​our body that is hurting or dragging it continuously to cover a larger surface.


The PAINGONE PLUS works with a small battery and we have the piston continuously depressed for 30 seconds, 4-5 times a day, fired or over our lightweight clothes.
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