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Power Health Mens-X Complex, 32 efferv. tablets x 2 boxes

Power Health Mens-X Complex, 32 efferv. tablets x 2 boxes

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Offer Power Health Mens-X Complex, 32 efferv. tablets x 2 boxes

The MENS-X COMPLEX are a dietary supplement that helps with natural and safe way to treat erectile dysfunction. News, effervescent lemon flavor

Mens-X complex: an end to erectile dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction : 9 out of 10 men pushing up their love life without one ... fall!

Now with 3 more advantages:

News, effervescent .
30% more product .
New reduced price.

Changed form, became more and more affordable price. The Mens-X complex
You will be delighted by the familiar taste of lemonade ... while new effervescent guarantee even greater efficiency . As for the new reduced price comes to ... unlike the high performance they offer.

Naturally ... energize

You have a lot on your head ! Daily life in tired , stress in kills and fatigue knocks ! In conjunction with the diet that does not meet the best standards you see your performance to plummet ? See the problem in the right perspective and addressing it. There is a natural and effective solution. Scientists created the Power Health Mens-X complex, a unique and innovative composition for the treatment of erectile dysfunction but also for you who want to improve your sexual performance naturally. The Mens-X will stir up and you will see your performance go up every day more and higher.

Enjoyment of the moment ... or ... anytime on hand ?

An erection is a complex procedure that requires to perform specific body functions to achieve this. Taking substances allegedly '' violent '' in the body and quickly transferring large amounts of blood in the penis can also bring many side effects, often extremely dangerous .

Herein lies the difference Mens-X, which is a natural treatment that actually prepares the body to be always '' fitness '' so it can stand up to the challenge whenever and wherever you need achieving a successful in quality and duration of erections . Following treatment Mens- X complex will upload your sex life without one ... falls and of course you will have :

Improvement of erectile function
Increase in sexual activity
Improve sexual life
greater satisfaction

Contained 32 effervescent tablets

The Mens-X complex in ... practice!

Clinical evaluation of the effectiveness of Mens-x complex, in subjects with erectile dysfunction

Project information :

Volunteers : Male
Age : 35-65 years
With erectile dysfunction
Breakdown by International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF-5): « Score » volunteers between 9 and 15 ( moderate - severe ED) .
Duration of study : 1 month
Dosage : based on the product's label
study Results

Taking Mens-X complex for one month significantly improved erectile function in 96% of volunteers. Also , there were no side effects in any of the volunteers.

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