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Ursapharm Hylo Gel Eye Drops 10ml

Ursapharm Hylo Gel Eye Drops 10ml

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Ursapharm Hylo Gel Eye Drops 10ml

Intensive therapeutic care for dry eyes
When dry eyes become torture

The dry eye syndrome is triggered by an insufficient tear film production or a change in its composition. An eye doctor is needed to determine the underlying cause. In severe cases, dry eyes can lead to a considerable impairment of the quality of life as the disease is accompanied by symptoms such as very red and consistently painful eyes.
High viscosity improves the quality of life

The treatment of severe, chronic dry eyes has to ensure an intensive and lasting lubrication of the ocular surface. Only highly viscous eye drops, that therefore remain for considerably longer on the ocular surface, can guarantee a long-lasting lubrication. The extraordinarily high quality sodium hyaluronate used in HYLO®-GEL is perfectly suited for this task. Combined with the distinct properties of the substance a concentration of 0.2 % suffices to obtain eye drops with an outstanding high viscosity. However, despite HYLO®-GEL’s almost gel-like consistency it does not cause impairment of vision.
Preservative and phosphate free in the patented COMOD® device

Preservatives, which are designed to prevent contamination of eye drops during storage and use, can affect the natural tear film and damage the cells of the ocular surface. Furthermore, they can cause intolerance reactions¹. Modern ocular lubricants are therefore preservative free. This also applies to HYLO®-GEL as it is provided in the patented COMOD® multi-dose device that, in a unique way, prevents contamination of its contents.

Phosphates that are widely used in eye drops can also have a harmful effect on an already damaged cornea². The binding of phosphate to calcium, which is released from damaged corneal cells, may lead to the formation of sparingly soluble calcifications that can permanently impair vision. Therefore, eye drops used on a dry and damaged ocular surface should not contain phosphates. HYLO®-GEL is phosphate free and therefore presents no risk of corneal calcification.
HYLO®-GEL: High viscosity for severe dry eyes

    Eye drops containing 0.2 % sodium hyaluronate provided in the COMOD® device
    Noticeable more viscous eye drops that guarantee long-lasting lubrication without impairing vision
    Unique in its efficacy and without therapeutic alternative3
    Unique effectiveness without therapeutic alternative
    Preservative and phosphate free
    Compatible with contact lenses
    Also available as double pack

HYLO®-GEL: Unique in its efficacy and safety profile, officially confirmed in Germany!³
HYLO®-GEL  PZN  Shelf life after opening  Storage instructions
10 ml eye drops  06079422  6 months  store at room temperature

¹ Report of the international Dry Eye Workshop (DEWS); The Ocular Surface, 2007 (5); No.2
² BfArM & PEI Bulletin zur Arzneimittelsicherheit (Bulletin for Drug Safety) 2013; 1: 7-12
³ German Federal Joint Committee (G-BA): Annex V to section J of the guidelines on the prescription of drugs

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