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APIVITA Propoline Natural Toothpaste TOTAL, 75ml

APIVITA Propoline Natural Toothpaste TOTAL, 75ml

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APIVITA Propoline Natural Toothpaste TOTAL
with Salvia & Myrrh
natural toothpaste for total protection suitable for homeopathy

Benefits: Specialized toothpaste for total protection. Mint essential oils impart fresh breath, while bioactive ingredients control pH, protect teeth, strengthen gums and fight harmful bacteria.

Active Ingredients: Sage, Myrrh, Vitamin E, Pro Vitamin B5, Allantoin, Calcium Glycerophosphate.

Usage: Brush teeth thoroughly, preferably after each meal or at least twice a day unless directed by a dentist or doctor to do otherwise. Supervise and instruct children under 12 years of age in habits of good dental hygiene.

75ml e

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