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BIOCLIN Phydrium Advance Anti-Loss Shampoo 200ml

BIOCLIN Phydrium Advance Anti-Loss Shampoo 200ml

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BIOCLIN Phytrium Advance Anti-Loss Shampoo 200ml

Shampoo against hair loss

Battes the process of hair thinning and loss.
Stimulates micro-circulation of blood locally.

It nourishes and strengthens the hair from the root to the edges.


Nature: Selected mixture of plant extracts (Kigelia, sage, Ginko Biloba and Cinammon) (Improving topical microcirculation of the blood in the tricuspid pocket. Antioxidant action).
Technology: Glutathione Conjugated Potassium Linoleate (antioxidant, sedative), Partially hydrolysed DNA (cell regeneration).

Usage: 2-3 times a week

It is also recommended for day to day use.

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