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L\'Erbolario Muschio Bianco Shower gel 250ml

L'Erbolario Muschio Bianco Shower gel 250ml

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L'Erbolario Muschio Bianco Shower gel 250ml

A shower gel that invites you to prolong your bathing ritual or the pleasure of a refreshing shower almost infinitely, thanks to the enchanting fragrance that its soft foam releases everywhere. While it re-awakens the mysterious intrigue of White Moss, this shower gel takes gentle care of your skin: hydrolysed Wheat protein, in fact, protects the skin’s hydrolipid layer from the drying action of hard water and Distilled Lemon Balm Water effectively provides its fine toning action. Use Just one or two spoonfuls of product in your bathwater or under the shower, to cleanse and smooth your skin with the long-lasting perfume of this abundant, soft foam

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