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BIOCLIN Deo 24h Fresh Vapo Spray 100ml

BIOCLIN Deo 24h Fresh Vapo Spray 100ml

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BIOCLIN Deo 24h Fresh Vapo Spray 100ml

Using an effective deodorant daily after bathing is essential to revitalize skin. Bioclin Deo 24HR is the ideal solution for women with normal perspiration because it keeps sweat and odor under control, does not inhibit the natural perspiration process and leaves skin feeling comfortable all day long.

Keeps sweat and odor under control all day long without inhibiting the natural perspiration process.
Enriched with Xylitol to help keep the growth of bacteria under control and vitamin E to moisturize, soothe and protect skin.After bathing, apply an ample amount of deodorant. Does not leave any residue.

Suitable for daily use.

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