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L\'Erbolario Ambraliquida Smoothing Body Oil 125ml

L'Erbolario Ambraliquida Smoothing Body Oil 125ml

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L'Erbolario Ambraliquida Smoothing Body Oil 125ml

A restorative elixir for the spirit, liquid luxury for your skin, every time you apply this oil it will make you feel like you are in the midst of the azure steam and lukewarm marble of a Turkish bath. With each velvety caress, your skin will also receive a significant dose of elements that help fight off the onset of sagging and premature ageing of the skin. Rich gifts from the land of Turkey provide these benefits: Pistachio, Sesame and Sunflower oils provide all of their nourishing, compacting and elasticising energy, for skin that feels like silk. The Extract of Liquidambar orientalis and Vitamin E, beauty’s ally, come into play so that your skin is never left without the essential shield of antioxidant and protective elements.

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