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Aderma Exomega Baume Emollient DEFI  200ml

Aderma Exomega Baume Emollient DEFI 200ml

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Aderma Exomega Baume Emollient DEFI 200ml

To reduce skin dryness and irritation of atopic skin. The treatments A-DERMA owe their effectiveness to synergy of action of a combination of original extract Oat Rhealba, Essential fatty acids Omega 6 and Vitamin B3. The softening that care meets the need for comfort and relief of atopic skin baby, child and adult. Reduces skin dryness, soothes irritations (Oat Rhealba extract rich in polyphenols), strengthens the natural defense mechanisms of the skin and protects it from external attacks (Omega 6 and Vitamin B3).

Reduces constant dry skin
Smooths skin irritation
It strengthens the skin's natural defenses and protect against external attacks
Softens strongly for at least 24 hours after a single use.

For the body of the infant, child and adult.


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