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HEALTH AID CoQ-10 200mg 30 caps

HEALTH AID CoQ-10 200mg 30 caps

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HEALTH AID CoQ-10 200mg 30 caps

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), also known as Ubiquinone, is found in every living cells and is critical for the release of energy from food. In some people, this function is impaired making them feel weak and tired, irrespective of their healthy diet. It has powerful antioxident properties and is essential for good health. As we age, the ability to synthesise sufficient amounts of CoQ10 decreases, making it highly recommended as we get on in life. HealthAids CoQ10 is dissolved in Soyabean oil, which optimises its absorption and utilisation by the body cells and helps to release natural energy from within. A supplement recommended to people who lead a busy and stressful lifestyle, athletes and high-energy workers. An extra high amount of CO-Q-10, suspended in oil and enscapulated in a soft gelatine capsule for purity and potency. Gentle on the stomach.

Contains 30 caps.

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