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Royal Green Organic Tea Sweet Dreams 16 tea bags

Royal Green Organic Tea Sweet Dreams 16 tea bags

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Royal Green Organic Tea Sweet Dreams 16 tea bags

Certified organic sleep good herbal infusion

Royal Green Organic Sweet Dreams Tea 16 Bags

Sit back after a long day and enjoy our organic Sweet Dreams herbal infusion. Chamomile, linden and lavender contribute to a good night's sleep. The calming taste of chamomile, linden and lavender will free your mind and take you to a world of sweet dreams. Exactly what you need before bed. I'll see you tomorrow morning!

The unique quality of Royal Green

It all starts with selecting the best plants and herbs from all over the world. Grown sustainably without the use of pesticides and harvested at the right time. Rich in taste and goodness. Our tea and herbal infusions are 100% organic certified and simply delicious.

We only use 100% genuine ingredients and never use (natural) aromas, perfumes or flavor enhancers. You will experience the true taste of our used herbs and plants. Always! Our tea bags are made from unbleached paper, free from staples and 100% biodegradable.

Royal Green Organic Sweet Dreams Tea 16 Bags
Content 16 Bags
Land of origin EU-Non/EU
Ingredients Chamomile (30%), Peppermint (25%), Cinnamon (20%), Linden (10%), Liquorice (10%), Lavemder Petals (5%)
Allergen information Contains liquorice. People suffering from hypertension should avoid excessive consumption.

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