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Copper Skin:Z Knee Support

Copper Skin:Z Knee Support

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Copper Skin:Z Knee Support


Technically woven fabric allows for 100% flex, matching and mirroring the body's natural range of movement.
4 way dimension stretch fabric give exceptional elasticity gently supporting muscles and joints.
The unique Copper Skin:Z fabric has enhanced antibacterial properties.
Ultra-absorbent with moisture wicking qualities for optimum comfort.
Optimum compression reduces muscle fatigue brought on by muscle vibration.
Anatomically designed and manufactured from an ultra-light Copper Nylon providing a second skin feel for all day wear.

• Optimum Compression.
• A fit that can be worn all day long - Ideal for air travel.
• Exceptional Elasticity.
• A gentle design that matches your body movements.
• Absorbent and Quick-Drying.
• Antibacterial.

NOTE: Size is measure around the knee.

At the Comments Choose:

XS (33-37cm),
S (35-39cm),
M (37-41cm),
L (39-43cm),
XL (41-45cm)



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