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Medisana BOB Zone Abdominal Muscle-10 Programs

Medisana BOB Zone Abdominal Muscle-10 Programs

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Medisana BOB Zone Abdominal Muscle-10 Programs

Abdominal muscle fitness zone • 10 automatic programs • 25 different levels • fitness and slimming

Workout Zone abdominal muscles of Medisana BOB

The innovative abdominal muscle fitness apparatus and slimming BOB of Medisana operates with the method of electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). It has 10 different pre-installed automatic programs and tension set at 25 different levels! Off automatically after the end of each program. This method has been used for many years by professional athletes, ambitious amateur athletes, and the rehabilitation process to be the body more efficient, to reduce the risk of injury and to maintain mobility. The balance of muscle imbalances and skin tightening leads to extra fat burning and an attractive appearance! Through soft electric pulses and without the burden of tendons and joints induced abdominal muscles in the body, thereby strengthening the musculature.
Specially designed device stimulation of the abdominal muscles have the following courses of action:

• Improving the flow of blood to the application site • Relaxation of syspasmenon abdominal muscle • Strengthening the abdominal muscles • Maintaining or improving mobility
Additional features:

• Can be used after surgery to strengthen the relaxed musculature, to unilateral or incorrectly clamped or toned abdominal muscles or for warming up before athletic activity • worn comfortably under clothing thanks to the slim design and flexible material from whichever is constructed • The device is integrated in the zone means no annoying cables

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