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Salter AIRE Elite Compressor

Salter AIRE Elite Compressor

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Salter AIRE Elite Compressor

The Salter AIRE Elite (replaced Salter Aire Plus) is a durable, reliable and easy to use compressor meant to treat Asthma, COPD, or other respiratory ailments. The Salter AIRE Elite tabletop nebulizer compressor combined with a jet nebulizer provides quick, efficient, and convenient delivery of aerosolized medication, minimizing wasted medication and increasing patient compliance. With a minimum pressure of 25 PSI, this product's single piston compression system will provide the patient with an effective treatment of nebulized medication. While it weighs in at a little over 4 pounds, the Salter AIRE Elite compressor has a built-in hand grip underneath the frame, allowing for easy transport to and from the tabletop. For increased durability, the power switch, inlet air filter compartment, and the air flow outlet are all recessed, providing additional protection from otherwise damaging accidental drops. And, for added convenience, this compressor's frame has a spill proof docking port for nebulizers built onto the side of it. This port stabilizes the medication cup to prevent misplacement, and also to allow you to better pour the medication into the cup with both hands.

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