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Nutricia ALMIRON 2 400g

Nutricia ALMIRON 2 400g

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Nutricia ALMIRON 2 400g

Babies need as much protection you can give them.

Almiron 2 is 2nd infant milk for healthy infants from 6 months.

The composition is especially designed to meet the specific nutritional needs of the second half of the infant's life that differ from those of the first five months.

For a healthy immune system

The first three years of life are crucial for the development of the immune system of your baby. So it is important that you protect your baby after breast milk, with an infant milk strengthens the immune system.

Almiron 2 contains Pronutra +, a unique combination of selected ingredients:

     patented prebiotic mixture scGOS / lcFOS in the ratio 9:1 (the only one approved by the EU)
     polyunsaturated fatty acids (LCPs) & Nucleotides
     vitamins A, C & D

Almiron 2 of Nutricia with Pronutra + naturally conducive to a healthy immune system so that you feel confident that you offer the best to your baby.

The composition is consistent with the European Union Directive on infant formulas (2006/141/EC).

Barcode: 5202353005328 , 8712400717830

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