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Tena Lady Pants Plus Medium 9pcs

Tena Lady Pants Plus Medium 9pcs

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Tena Lady Pants Plus Medium 9pcs

Tena Lady Pants Plus Medium
Tena Lady Pants Plus Medium are especially designed to the female anatomy. With a unique body-close design and a feminine look and feel, this protective underwear is made to suit your lifestyle. TENA Lady Pants Plus offer you Triple Protection from bladder weakness leaks, odour and moisture and come in a feminine soft peach colour.

100% Tailored for women
Outstanding Security
Feminine Design
Size: 75 cm to 105 cm
100% Tailored for women
TENA Silhouette Lady Pants Plus is especially designed to fit the curves of a woman’s body offering outstanding security and great discretion

Outstanding Security
Super absorbent material where it’s most needed, fast absorption and dual leakage barriers provide outstanding security

Feminine Design
Soft Peach colour with a regular waist height and a body-close design to suit your lifestyle

Odour Control
Odour Control for extra confidence

Comfortable stretch materials
Breathable and flexible soft-stretch materials for high comfort and fit

Dermatologically tested
Materials that are gentle on the skin

Triple Protection – Dry, Secure & Odour Control
All TENA Silhouette products give you Triple Protection from leaks, odour and moisture. Helping you stay dry, secure and confident every day & night

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