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Durex Massage Guarana Gel 200ml

Durex Massage Guarana Gel 200ml

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Durex Massage Guarana Gel 200ml

Durex Stimulating gel for massage or use as a lubricant with guarana.

Perfect for an exciting massage and aromatherapy experience an irritant . With a light and silky feel, has the subtle aroma and flavor of Guarana that will excite your senses ! Excellent for massage all over the body and in sensitive areas while it can be used as a lubricant . Turn on your imagination and your senses and enjoy one of the most pleasant , relaxing , sensual experience during foreplay, which can result in very intense erotic moments . - Ideal for aromatherapy massage - Safe for use with condoms - An aqueous composition with a pH balanced extract and guarana- pleasant , sweet flavor - not stain and will not stain Packing : 200ml To Durex Play Massage is not a contraceptive device , no offers protection from communicable diseases and not contain spermicide .

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