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Elgydium Sensileave Gel 30ml (SENSIGEL)

Elgydium Sensileave Gel 30ml (SENSIGEL)

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Elgydium Sensileave Gel 30ml (SENSIGEL)

Elgydium Clinic Sensileave Gel 30ml is a fluorinol protective dental gel that relieves pain associated with dental hypersensitivity and helps to clog exposed tubuli.

Recommended in case of treatment of sensitivity, this gel forms on the teeth a shield against dental sensitivity. 5 minutes after application the pain is reduced and this action is reinforced in time after 4 weeks of cure.

Contained at 1350 ppm, fluorinol forms a protective barrier which contributes to the strengthening and protection of the enamel while reducing the sensations of pain.

Mint flavor.

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