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Power Health Citruslim 60Caps

Power Health Citruslim 60Caps

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Power Health Citruslim 60Caps

With Citruslim take the weight on your body

The Citruslim is an innovative product, which exploits the latest scientific findings on the active ingredients of certain citrus varieties that help them reduce weight.

With triple combination
The Citruslim contains Sinetrol Xpur, an innovative natural ingredient composed of Mediterranean citrus. Specifically, from the juice, seeds and peels of fruit after physical crushing treatment, cold-pressed, extraction, centrifugation, filtration and drying of certain varieties of citrus fruit: grapefruit (Citrus paradise / Macfad), sweet orange, (Citrus sinensis L), ( Citrus sinensis L), blood orange and guarana (Paullinia cupana Kunth).
The Sinetrol Xpur contains bioactive polyphenols known for their lipolytic properties. The lipolytic activity is leading to the breakdown of fat stored in fat cells, while providing free fatty acids, ready to be metabolized to assist in energy production in the body.
Choline, vitamin B6, zinc and chromium enhance the action of CITRUSLIM and ingredients:
> Strengthen metabolism
> Contribute to the management of lipid, glycogen and carbohydrates
> Help maintain glucose levels in the body

Does not contain:
Preservatives, sugar, lactose, gluten and perfumes.

Content: 60 capsules (ONE MONTH PACKAGING)

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