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THANK YOU FARMER MIRACLE AGE Repair Emulsion - 130ml

THANK YOU FARMER MIRACLE AGE Repair Emulsion - 130ml

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THANK YOU FARMER MIRACLE AGE Repair Emulsion - 130ml

A rich nourishing emulsion that adheres to skin in a pudding-like texture to leaves your skin full of vitality and smooth.

  • Revive skin texture by permeating deeply! Repair emulsion to control rough skin texture with water film formation
  • Make your skin texture smooth with skin-friendly oil - Skin-friendly oil from olives and squalane which is natural moisturizing factor are tightly adhered between skin texture and smooth the unevenness of dull and rough skin.
  • Optimum skin-moisture balance + strong moisture barriers! - Glycosyl trehalose extracted from corn and hydrogenated lecithin extracted from soy enhance the skin’s moisture-retaining capacity for moisturization, while Ceramide NP similar to the skin’s barriers fortifies the damaged skin barriers.
  • Concentrated gel with bursting nourishment - The hydrating factors are broken down into fine particles to add to the nourishment so they burst out upon application for fast penetration.
  • Bulky Gel Network - Fast penetration to quickly deliver the rich nourishment into the skin

Rough skin due to premature aging in the late 20s – severe aging in the 60s or older

How to use: After using toner and serum, gently apply an appropriate amount onto face and neck.

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