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Sanotint Classic Honey Blonde 11

Sanotint Classic Honey Blonde 11

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Sanotint Classic Honey Blonde 11

Only plant extracts and 30 splendid shades to colour the hair without damaging it. Ammonia-free.
The only “Do-it-yourself” Hair Colour with Golden Millet Extract, rich in Silica, important for the protection and structure of the hair. It contains Pantothenate Calcium and Biotin, two nourishing and protecting ingredients, for a silky feeling and shiny hair.


* Guarantees a perfect grey coverage
* Long-lasting brilliant colour results in healthy and glowing hair
* You can mix two or more hair colours for your own style
* Pack can be rationed for several applications
* Easy application: does not run and immediately covers grey hair
* Extremely low allergy risk
* Right balance between price and performance
* Advanced solution for gentle hair colouring

For all types of hair.


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