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Sanotint Reflex Burgundy 56

Sanotint Reflex Burgundy 56

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Sanotint Reflex Burgundy 56

SANOTINT REFLEX gives your natural hair colour stronger and brighter reflections, new tones and highlights, in various fashionable shades. Those natural ingredients that offer protection and care, such as extracts of Golden Millet, Olive and Camomile guarantee excellent results and are thus much appreciated in natural cosmetics.

* With SANOTINT REFLEX you can easily try out a new colour for your hair. As it does not penetrate the hair, it naturally fades away after an average of 6 shampoos, depending on the hair type.
* Soft, brilliant and ultra shiny intense highlights, accentuating the hair?s natural contrasts, perfect to perk up your existing colour.
* It can also be used for touching up growth between one hair colouring and the next.
* Sanotint Reflex is ready to use. It is not necessary to dilute before use.
* Pack can be rationed for several applications.
* Ammonia and Peroxide free, does not wreck the hair.
* Right balance between price and performance.
* Advanced solution for gentle hair colouring.

Please notice: Grey hair can only be moderately covered. When grey hair is more than 20%, we advise you to use Sanotint Classic or Light Hair Colours

For all types of hair.

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