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PARISIENNE NIAMH BE PURE Organic Gentle Mask - 500ml

PARISIENNE NIAMH BE PURE Organic Gentle Mask - 500ml

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PARISIENNE NIAMH BE PURE Organic Gentle Mask - 500ml

Be Pure Gentle mask, suitable for frequent use, is an intensive treatment that penetrates deep into the hair, delivering elasticity, body and shine. Thanks to the combination of organic almond extract and cornflower, it moisturises, conditions and nourishes. The combination of active ingredients in the formula makes hair softer, while preserving the natural pH of the hair. Thanks to its unique volumising properties, this neutral balsam leaves hair soft and silky, without weighing it down.

The Be Pure Mask is designed for frequent use, thanks to its gentle formula that is 100% made in Italy:

Organic Sweet Almond Extract: almond is rich in fatty acids and vitamins, revitalising hair fibre, hydrating and nourishing.
Organic Cornflower: the softening and hydrating concentrated flavanoids and anthocyanins in cornflower act on the hair fibre with a toning and soothing action.
SLS and SLES free, Paraben free, No Colorants, No Silicones, Hypo-allergenic Fragrance, No Oils of Mineral origin.

  • Ideal for frequent use on all hair types
  • Its mild action does not alter the physiological pH of the hair
  • Moisturises, nourishes and softens, with organic sweet almond extract and cornflower

500 ml size

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