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L\'Erbolario  Self-Tanning Cream Face and Body 100ml

L'Erbolario Self-Tanning Cream Face and Body 100ml

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L'Erbolario  Self-Tanning Cream Face and Body 100ml

It is wonderful to be able to flaunt, at any time of the year, a golden, bright and fully natural skin tone. Here is a really effective Self-tanning Cream, with two valuable active ingredients derived from Biotechnology: Dihydroxyacetone and Erythrulose, functional substances that react with the amino acids of the epidermis, gradually turning tissues browner. Distributed evenly and day after day until you have achieved the desired tanned effect, this Cream also has a remarkable emollient, nourishing and firming action, thanks to the precious organic Sunflower seed Oil, Babassu Oil and Kalahari Watermelon seed Oil.


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